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Sire : AKC/UKC Ch. Bohem Just In Time CR
Dam : Will-O-Wisp Dizzy Lizzy

Whelped March 23 2007
Bred by Rebecca Gardner & Rebecca Moreland
Owned by John & Emily Nicoll

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After being awarded a total of three points, we received an inquiry for a young, brindle female.  A wonderful couple, John and Emily Nicoll of Wilmington, DE, were looking for a young female to replace their beloved whippet, Flute, who had died prematurely at the age of 11 years.

Both John and Emily are retired and offer one of the best homes I’ve ever seen for a whippet.  They are home most of the day, have a huge van capable of transporting their whippet in style and Emily even COOKS for their pet!!  Their yard is fenced and they have loving neighbors who were  an extended family to Flute and to their daughter, Shelly’s whippet, Whoopie.

Emily wanted their whippet to continue the legacy left by Flute of being a therapy dog since Emily visits a nursing home often and always took Flute with her.  With Mimi’s outgoing temperament and extreme love of people, we thought she’d fit the bill!  Emily is in the process of training her to keep four feet on the ground and also to sit on command, which we didn’t do.   Mimi knew what stand/stay meant and that was about it!

On November 22nd we met John, Emily and their daughter, Shelly .  Mimi was greeted with “Welcome to Mimi” signs in the van windows and a “Mimi” bag of treats and toys!  Amid many tears from Ivan and me, Mimi went North to live with her new family.

We get frequent questions, updates, stories and laments!  We also get wonderful pictures of Mimi looking very happy and secure in her new home.  We believe we have life-long friends in the Nicolls and that Mimi has a forever home with their family.  Thank you, John and Emily, for loving our little girl.  We will always miss her but know she’s safe in your outstanding care.

Mimi is pictured below with Whoopie, a 13 year old Whippet who belongs to Emily's (pictured) daughter Shelly Nicoll.  Emily, along with her husband John, have owned Mimi since November 2008.  Mimi and Whoopie are both therapy dogs at the local nursing home and Emily tells us they are both quite a hit with the residents.

Mimi has proven to be a wonderful therapy dog and has a regularly scheduled Wednesday afternoon visitation to Millcroft Community Care facility.  She is pictured below with Agnes, Emily's sister, who has been at the facility for some time now.  She is also pictured below lounging around the house and eating corn on the cob!

Pictured below while living at Redcliffe